Work in Progress

  • The Faster the Better? The Impact of Ultra-Fast Broadband on Students' Performance (with Cambini C. and Sabatino L.) (WP here - under review)

  • More than a Ban on Smoking? Behavioural Spillovers of Smoking Bans in the Workplace (with Costa-Font J. and Salmasi L.) (WP here - under review)

  • Measures of Cognitive Ability and Choice Inconsistency (with Wengström E., Piovesan M. and Willadsen H. - under review)

  • Emotional Reactions to Food Choices: Evidence from an Online Survey (with Braut B. - under review)

  • Parental Risk Preferences and Children's Health (manuscript available upon request)

  • The Determinants of Food Choice (with Braut B.)

1) An online survey on food-related beliefs and choices2) Pay-What-You-Want as a behavioral tool to address consumers’ behavior and promote a healthier lifestyle

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